Decorative Cushions


Hold plaids are made in 100% acrylic fabric solution dryed. It is ideal for summer evenings spent outdoors, soft and comfortable for your moments of relaxation.
The unique quality products can also be recognized in the plaid blanket, which is not only an elegant piece of home furnishing but it is also pratical being stain proof, washable and will not fade if left in the sun for six years.

Product details 3D model

Product details

Size Weight Volume
40 x 40 x cm 0,2 Kg 0,01 m3
50 x 50 x cm 0,2 Kg 0,01 m3
35 x 45 x cm 0,1 Kg 0,03 m3
60 x 60 x cm 0,2 Kg 0,01 m3
70 x 70 x cm 0,3 Kg 0,02 m3
50 x 50 x 10 cm 0,2 Kg 0,01 m3

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