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Cat. A

Tempotest® Fabrics

Soil-resistant | The particular finishing of Tempotest® Home favours the elimination of stains. It retains colour and strength | 100 % solution-dyed acrylic fibre resists fading from sun, water and general atmospheric agents. Mould resistant | Suitable even for very damp places like bathrooms and screened-in porches, it does not allow mould growth. Perfect for outdoor and indoor furniture (living room, kids’ room, kitchen)…

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Cat. B

Polyester and polypropylene fabrics

Fortuny Fabric: maintenance and cleaning guide of the product. Environmentally friendly and 100% recyclabe, non toxic, non allergenic and energy saving manufacturing process. Resistent to mould and bacteria…

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Cat. C

Luxury acrylic fabrics

Sunbrella® Fabrics. Colour fastness UV – indoor: 8, class /8, ISO 105 B02 – Colour fastness UV – outdoor – 1000h: 4-5, class /5, ISO 105 B04 – Colour fastness under dry friction: 5, class /5, ISO 105X12 – Colour fastness under wet friction: 5, class /5, ISO 105X12 – Colour fastness 40°C washing: 5, class /5, ISO 105 C06. Guarantee: 3 years…

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