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ROPE is a new collection characterized by an handweaved Teflon acrylic thermoplastic fiber, waterresistant and of easy cleaning. The material is elastic with a “soft” appeal similar to a textile product and its main characteristics are the resistance to UV rays and the quick drying. Collection is versatile both for a “mood” contract and for residential use where can express its sophisticated
and elegant design. Atmosphera presents the collection ESSENCE made of pure Indonesian Teak wood. The typical honey color of Teak wood together with satin stainless steel details, gives to the collection a classical and eternal mood with modern and wrapping lines. Atmosphera presents its new collection of outdoor forniture AVANTGARDEN. The weavings, skilfully hand-worked, are made of a synthetic resin of extruded polyveen. The materials employed for the furnishing remind the most valuable natural fibres (rattan, wicker, bamboo) and offer high standard of quality. They are durable and resistant to any atmospheric agent such as rain, salt water and their colour is UV proteted. H2OUT COLLECTION, all our alluminium furniture is powder coated, color mat white. The powder coating ensures a surface resistant to knocks and scratches. The furniture is well-suited to be left outside all year long and is easy to clean. Atmosphera uses stainless steel 304 that is ideal for outdoor. However, tarnishing can occur in the form of flash rust. This can be removed by using a stainless steel cleaner. Regular cleaning with soapy water can help to protect the surface of the stainless steel and thus minimise the effects of chlorine, ect. It is also advisable to wipe the frame with acid-free oil at least twice yearly to minimise tarnishing.